Video Intern: Week 3

Image Video Intern: Week 3

Yes, this is the end of week 3 here at! You may have noticed that there was no week 2. It’s not because they shunned me for a week, or anything. It’s just because we were all off having a fantastic Christmas and New Year.
Now that I’m back in “the corner” I’ve spent the week burying myself in pre-production for a client testimonial video. It’s a really big change from the explicit directions I’m used to following on the classroom syllabus, but I’m beginning to get the hang of it.

Fast colors, fun music, quick cuts, and some of the best customers are what is going to make this rock!

I’m hoping to finish the pre-production stage in the next week or so, so be on the look out for behind the scenes photos, videos, and the final product!


Banana Stand


Banana Stand

I decided to spend a short amount of time after lunch today working with a small color palette, a quote, and a really simple design.
The only way you will improve is by doing!

In life, there …


In life, there are people who NEED, people who WANT, and people who DO. Unfortunately, too many people NEED, but don’t WANT. Yet, even more unfortunate, is too many people WANT but don’t DO!

My boss at my internship sent this quote out to us in an incredibly inspirational email over the weekend. My New Year Resolution (which I never partake in, I might add) is to be more of a Do-er.

And I’m going to do so much this year.

Sam’s Christmas Photos


Sam's Christmas Photos

Today I delivered 6 pictures to a client of her father’s horse, Sam, for a Christmas gift we have been working on for the past month.
Sam was a lot of fun to photograph and his personality really showed up well on the camera. I’m really excited because of how excited the client was! I am very anxiously awaiting an email telling me how her father liked his Christmas gift.

Video Intern at Week 1


Video Intern at Week 1

As 4:30pm hits I’m realizing that this is the final half hour of my first week as a video intern at, and let me just say it has been AWESOME. I have never felt so welcomed by a group of people. These are some of the most work focused, creative minded people I have gotten the chance to work with, and I’m loving it.
As I typed that first paragraph I heard someone exclaim, “I get so happy when I make the customer happy.” It is so refreshing to work with people who are so excited about what they are doing!

Not only do they know how to work, they know how to play. While I’m not going into details about helicopter flying and ping pong tournaments, just know that seems to understand that people who are having fun, being creative, and enjoy their work environment will work even harder.

I have gotten the chance to brainstorm some really cool concepts that I look forward to working on, and I received my first “official” video assignment today.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more weekly updates on video work and my awesome fun time as an intern at

Minor Setbacks & Decisions

This week I intended to start a new, fun section of blogging to help me use my camera more.
Essentially, I want to start posting weekly or twice a week posts with a picture I have taken that week. They don’t need to have relevance to each other, just something to get me working more (and better!)
I have taken this weeks photos and went to post them this morning, which is when I discovered that I am not only having internet connection problems, but laptop problems. My poor, 5 year old Mac book pro will no longer turn on. I believe it is a battery or charger problem, but I was hoping to wait another week or so before breaking down and purchasing a new one.
So, in all, be on the lookout for weekly pictures in the near future!

In the mean time if anyone wants to help me make a big decision:

Portable 15″ Mac book pro or Stationary 21″ iMac???

Rough Cato Flyers

MD Cato Flyer 01                MD Cato Flyer 02

Yesterday our District Manager faxed us a paper with a Microsoft Word Clipart flyer asking us to make something similar to pass out around our area.

A Microsoft Word Clipart flyer that you photocopied sideways is not going to attract any customers.

I offered to make my Boss one in Photoshop instead, which I have been working on all night. Unfortunately they are still quite rough now as I want to see her opinions and what she likes before I delve deeper. They are also in black and white. I’m not so sure how I feel about the floating girl in the first flyer, but I do like the sitting girl. Hopefully we can get some new customers into our store with these. Honestly, though, I’m just excited to have a new project!

Wrapping Up Being a Student

My last update was at the very start of my capstone. After a lot of stress, hard work, and so much help from all of my great friends, it is finally complete. Although their is much I would change now, this is very much how I envisioned much of the piece in my mind.

You can view Raw here on my Vimeo channel.

(And you can also watch my 2012 Demo Reel and Escape-the video I edited for the 2012 Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project! I’ve gotten some fun opportunities this year!)

I have also (finally!) completed my time at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. Exactly on time too, I might add. I can’t believe how the last couple of quarters have quite literally flown by, and I’m actually kind of sad to be leaving now. Hopefully a great new job is in the future, though.

I am continuing my internship with Indelible Impression with TeeMcBee to continue gaining experience shooting and editing interviews for tv, but I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that in all of my applications I can find some good opportunities!

You can view my new website (that I totally designed and coded myself!) here at: I’m so pumped about this!